KineticĀ® RockGaiter Wading Boot

A basic and durable wading boot. This boot really offer value for money. It will protect your feet at all the right places. The fibers used for the upper are really strong and can take a lot of punishment from rocks and gravel. The boots are light and therefore perfect if you want to travel and you have to keep weight down. Strong and long lasting felt sole.

DKK 799,00 / stk inkl. moms

Dark Green/Grey 42-43

varenummer WS02902

Dark Green/Grey 44-45

varenummer WS02903

Dark Green/Grey 38-39

varenummer WS02900

Dark Green/Grey 46-47

varenummer WS02904

Dark Green/Grey 48-49

varenummer WS02905

Dark Green/Grey 40-41

varenummer WS02901