Kinetic® Sabiki Rigs Cod & Pollock

With these unique Sabiki Rigs, you´ll get more than just hooks, feathers or plastic. We have included jig heads to make a rig that moves and fishes different. First of all – you´ll hook most of your fish in the safe, upper side of the mouth due to directional jig hooks. Comes in four well proven colour combination for cod and coalfish. 0,70mm line with #3/0 hooks.

  • Amazing hooking rates
  • Well proven colours
  • 0,70mm line and leaders
  • 4g, #3/0 jig hooks
DKK 39,00 / stk inkl. moms

Black #3/0/0,60mm/0,60mm

varenummer KS07082

Glow #3/0/0,60mm/0,60mm

varenummer KS07083

Red #3/0/0,60mm/0,60mm

varenummer KS07080

Yellow #3/0/0,60mm/0,60mm

varenummer KS07081