KineticĀ® Torskepilken

This pilker is one of the most iconic pilkers in Scandinavia. Some might even call this pilker boring and the colours old fashion. They are wrong! This pilker is made with passion and only a few pilkers can claim to have caught as my cods and cool fish as this pilker. Take part of the history - try an Ertner. You will not be disappointed.

  • Traditional well-proven shape
  • Great classic colours
  • 5 sizes
  • Traditional Scandinavian pilker
DKK 49,00 / stk inkl. moms

Pearl/Black 75g

varenummer KS21000

Pearl/Black 100g

varenummer KS21100

Pearl/Black 150g

varenummer KS21200

Pearl/Black 200g

varenummer KS21300

Pearl/Black 250g

varenummer KS21400

Pearl/Blue 75g

varenummer KS21001

Pearl/Blue 100g

varenummer KS21101

Pearl/Blue 150g

varenummer KS21201

Pearl/Blue 200g

varenummer KS21301

Pearl/Blue 250g

varenummer KS21401

Pearl/Green 75g

varenummer KS21002

Pearl/Green 100g

varenummer KS21102

Pearl/Green 150g

varenummer KS21202

Pearl/Green 200g

varenummer KS21302

Pearl/Green 250g

varenummer KS21402

Yellow/Orange 75g

varenummer KS21003

Yellow/Orange 100g

varenummer KS21103

Yellow/Orange 150g

varenummer KS21203

Yellow/Orange 200g

varenummer KS21303

Yellow/Orange 250g

varenummer KS21403

Red/Black 75g

varenummer KS21004

Red/Black 100g

varenummer KS21104

Red/Black 150g

varenummer KS21204

Red/Black 200g

varenummer KS21304

Red/Black 250g

varenummer KS21404