KineticĀ® Pilken Stainless

Handcrafted pilk with extreme fishing abilities and stand-alone quality. Strong Mustad hooks and double split/welded rings, let you catch more and bigger fish. The #1 choice for big cod and coalfish.

  • The #1 choice for big cod and coalfish.
  • Stainless durable body and rings quality
  • Mustad hooks with red tube
  • Sturdy and welded rings
DKK 249,00 / stk inkl. moms

Silver 100g

varenummer KP18002

Silver 1000g

varenummer KP18009

Silver 175g

varenummer KP18003

Silver 250g

varenummer KP18004

Silver 400g

varenummer KP18005

Silver 500g

varenummer KP18006

Silver 600g

varenummer KP18007

Silver 700g

varenummer KP18008

Silver 75g

varenummer KP18001