Kinetic® Miljøpirken

Miljøpilken is a Non-Lead pilk in a well-tried, effective shape that wiggles and moves to attract the fish. All 8 weights have a holographic sticker and a squid attached to the hook for even more efficiency.

  • Non-Lead is good for the climate
  • Superb colours
  • Great range of 8 weights
  • Popular design that wiggles a lot
  • Durable Varnish
  • Heavy Duty stainless steel ring
DKK 89,00 / stk inkl. moms

Fluo Parrot 100g

varenummer MF10010

Fluo Parrot 150g

varenummer MF15010

Fluo Parrot 200g

varenummer MF20010

Fluo Parrot 300g

varenummer MF30010

Fluo Parrot 400g

varenummer MF40010

Fluo Parrot 500g

varenummer MF50010

Fluo Parrot 60g

varenummer MF06010

Fluo Parrot 80g

varenummer MF08010

Red/Black 100g

varenummer MF10005

Red/Black 150g

varenummer MF15005

Red/Black 200g

varenummer MF20005

Red/Black 300g

varenummer MF30005

Red/Black 400g

varenummer MF40005

Red/Black 500g

varenummer MF50005

Red/Black 60g

varenummer MF06005

Red/Black 80g

varenummer MF08005

Silver 100g

varenummer MF10001

Silver 150g

varenummer MF15001

Silver 200g

varenummer MF20001

Silver 300g

varenummer MF30001

Silver 400g

varenummer MF40001

Silver 500g

varenummer MF50001

Silver 60g

varenummer MF06001

Silver 80g

varenummer MF08001

White/Blue 100g

varenummer MF10008

White/Blue 150g

varenummer MF15008

White/Blue 200g

varenummer MF20008

White/Blue 300g

varenummer MF30008

White/Blue 400g

varenummer MF40008

White/Blue 500g

varenummer MF50008

White/Blue 60g

varenummer MF06008

White/Blue 80g

varenummer MF08008

Yellow/Green 100g

varenummer MF10007

Yellow/Green 150g

varenummer MF15007

Yellow/Green 200g

varenummer MF20007

Yellow/Green 300g

varenummer MF30007

Yellow/Green 400g

varenummer MF40007

Yellow/Green 500g

varenummer MF50007

Yellow/Green 60g

varenummer MF06007

Yellow/Green 80g

varenummer MF08007

Yellow/Orange 100g

varenummer MF10006

Yellow/Orange 150g

varenummer MF15006

Yellow/Orange 200g

varenummer MF20006

Yellow/Orange 300g

varenummer MF30006

Yellow/Orange 400g

varenummer MF40006

Yellow/Orange 500g

varenummer MF50006

Yellow/Orange 60g

varenummer MF06006

Yellow/Orange 80g

varenummer MF08006