KineticĀ® Hven

Hven pilks are designed with heavy duty steel rings and durable wire through the body. This non-lead pilk has a low balance point. It will never hook up or tangle as easy as other shapes. Hot colours and one that glows.

  • Heavy duty design for big fish
  • 5 hot colours and 1 that glows
  • Attractive eyes close to the hook
  • Comes in 7 popular weights
  • Heavy Duty stainless steel ring
  • Durable wire
DKK 69,00 / stk inkl. moms

Blue Glamour 100g

varenummer KP40103

Blue Glamour 150g

varenummer KP40203

Blue Glamour 200g

varenummer KP40303

Blue Glamour 250g

varenummer KP40403

Blue Glamour 300g

varenummer KP40503

Blue Glamour 400g

varenummer KP40603

Blue Glamour 80g

varenummer KP40003

Firetiger 100g

varenummer KP40105

Firetiger 150g

varenummer KP40205

Firetiger 200g

varenummer KP40305

Firetiger 250g

varenummer KP40405

Firetiger 300g

varenummer KP40505

Firetiger 400g

varenummer KP40605

Firetiger 80g

varenummer KP40005

Green Glamour 100g

varenummer KP40102

Green Glamour 150g

varenummer KP40202

Green Glamour 200g

varenummer KP40302

Green Glamour 250g

varenummer KP40402

Green Glamour 300g

varenummer KP40502

Green Glamour 400g

varenummer KP40602

Green Glamour 80g

varenummer KP40002

Red Alert 100g

varenummer KP40104

Red Alert 150g

varenummer KP40204

Red Alert 200g

varenummer KP40304

Red Alert 250g

varenummer KP40404

Red Alert 300g

varenummer KP40504

Red Alert 400g

varenummer KP40604

Red Alert 80g

varenummer KP40004

Sunrise 100g

varenummer KP40101

Sunrise 150g

varenummer KP40201

Sunrise 200g

varenummer KP40301

Sunrise 250g

varenummer KP40401

Sunrise 300g

varenummer KP40501

Sunrise 400g

varenummer KP40601

Sunrise 80g

varenummer KP40001

Weak Herring Glow 100g

varenummer KP40106

Weak Herring Glow 150g

varenummer KP40206

Weak Herring Glow 200g

varenummer KP40306

Weak Herring Glow 250g

varenummer KP40406

Weak Herring Glow 300g

varenummer KP40506

Weak Herring Glow 400g

varenummer KP40606

Weak Herring Glow 80g

varenummer KP40006