Kinetic PowerHeat Boot

Probably the warmest boot we have ever tested. The inner sock made of wool combined with the insolating EVA makes this boot a truly fantastic boot for both fishing and hunting. EVA soles are normally very slippery during wintertime. In this case the Powerheat is made with a rubber sole which gives you perfect traction.

  • Woollen Inner Sock
  • Rubber Sole
  • Light And Comfortable
  • Extremely Warm
DKK 999,00 / stk inkl. moms

Black 41

varenummer H124-007-41

Black 42

varenummer H124-007-42

Black 43

varenummer H124-007-43

Black 44

varenummer H124-007-44

Black 40

varenummer H124-007-40

Black 45

varenummer H124-007-45

Black 46

varenummer H124-007-46

Black 47

varenummer H124-007-47