Kinetic Hekla Rubber Boot 16"

Classic rubber boots for multiple use in wet conditions. With non-insulated materials this boot is the perfect three-season companion when hunting, fishing or hiking outdoor. Medium aggressive traction with reinforced rubber and inline steel shank for correct bending.

  • Three season rubber boot
  • Soft and protective boot
  • Comfortable design and soles
  • Strong classic boot for everyday use
  • Steel shank to ensure correct foot bend
DKK 599,00 / stk inkl. moms

Hunting Green 41

varenummer RUB16-41-HG

Hunting Green 42

varenummer RUB16-42-HG

Hunting Green 43

varenummer RUB16-43-HG

Hunting Green 44

varenummer RUB16-44-HG

Hunting Green 37

varenummer RUB16-37-HG

Hunting Green 38

varenummer RUB16-38-HG

Hunting Green 39

varenummer RUB16-39-HG

Hunting Green 40

varenummer RUB16-40-HG

Hunting Green 45

varenummer RUB16-45-HG

Hunting Green 46

varenummer RUB16-46-HG