Kinetic Celsius EVA Boot 15"

Warm and delicious boots! Can be used for fishing, hunting and leisure in chilly and cold weather! Perfect for boat and ice fishing on those long and cold days. Rubber soles with a good grip.

  • Hunting, fishing and leisure
  • Super soft sole for maximum grip
  • Insulated
  • 15" high
  • Soft fabric on top for comfortable use
DKK 399,00 / stk inkl. moms

Black 41

varenummer CEEB15-41-G

Black 42

varenummer CEEB15-42-G

Black 43

varenummer CEEB15-43-G

Black 44

varenummer CEEB15-44-G

Black 40

varenummer CEEB15-40-G

Black 45

varenummer CEEB15-45-G

Black 46

varenummer CEEB15-46-G

Black 47

varenummer CEEB15-47-G