Kinetic Nothern PVC Boot 15’’

Strong PVC boots for use in Northern conditions. A classic and sturdy design makes this a perfect companion on cloudy days or when fishing close to streams or lakes.

  • PVC boots for Northern walking
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Perfect for hunting, fishing and outdoor
  • 15” high
DKK 249,00 / stk inkl. moms

Dark Green 41

varenummer PVB15-41-DG

Dark Green 42

varenummer PVB15-42-DG

Dark Green 43

varenummer PVB15-43-DG

Dark Green 44

varenummer PVB15-44-DG

Dark Green 37

varenummer PVB15-37-DG

Dark Green 38

varenummer PVB15-38-DG

Dark Green 36

varenummer PVB15-36-DG

Dark Green 39

varenummer PVB15-39-DG

Dark Green 40

varenummer PVB15-40-DG

Dark Green 45

varenummer PVB15-45-DG

Dark Green 46

varenummer PVB15-46-DG

Dark Green 47

varenummer PVB15-47-DG

Dark Green 35

varenummer PVB15-35-DG