Kinetic Classic Hip Wader Bootfoot (P)

Our Classic Hip Wader Bootfoot waist-high waders are designed with rugged, heavy-duty nylon that's been coated with PVC to guarantee they'll take lots of punishment and still keep you dry. Belt straps ensure waders stay securely in place. Lightweight PVC boots with cleated soles grip slick terrain and resist wear and tear.

  • Heavy-duty nylon coated with PVC
  • Lightweight PVC boots with cleated soles
  • Belt straps
DKK 499,00 / stk inkl. moms

Dark Green 39

varenummer H140-034-39

Dark Green 40

varenummer H140-034-40

Dark Green 41

varenummer H140-034-41

Dark Green 42

varenummer H140-034-42

Dark Green 43

varenummer H140-034-43

Dark Green 44

varenummer H140-034-44

Dark Green 45

varenummer H140-034-45

Dark Green 46

varenummer H140-034-46

Dark Green 47

varenummer H140-034-47