KineticĀ® Sabiki Rigs Mackerel

This Sabiki Mackerel rig is the biggest and toughest in our mackerel line up. The sliced rubber worm with flash is tied to a strong #5/0 hook. This mean that you often will have to fight other fishes like cod, pollack and coalfish. This tackle suits best vertical presentations from boat. If you have filled up the boat with mackerels, and would like something else. This tackle just need a piece of a mackerel or other bait on the hook to be effective close to the bottom.

  • Superb all-round tackle for a variety of species
  • Perfect for boat fishing
  • 0,70mm and 0,60mm monofilament line
  • Three strong #5/0 hooks
  • Glowing beads on leaders
DKK 29,00 / stk inkl. moms

Blue/White flash #5/0

varenummer KS07026

Red/white flash #5/0

varenummer KS07028

Yellow/white flash #5/0

varenummer KS07027