KineticĀ® Sabiki Rigs Mackerel

Mackerel is a strong and tasty summer favorite! To catch them in multitudes, your tackle need to have what KineticĀ® Sabiki got: The perfect colour, quality hooks and line. These three rigs are suitable casting from the shore or dropping it from a boat with a lure or a sinker. The main line is 0,70mm with 0,60mm leaders. All hooks are size #8 and covered with flashes in proven colours.

  • Superb for casting or fishing from boat
  • Good tackle for a variety of species
  • 0,70mm and 0,60mm monofilament line
  • Glowing beads on leaders
  • Three hooks
DKK 25,00 / stk inkl. moms

Blue/Holographic #18

varenummer KS07005

Holographic #18

varenummer KS07006

Red/Holographic #18

varenummer KS07004