KineticĀ® Sabiki Rigs Flatfish

Unique flatfish Sabiki Rig ready rigged on foam boards. Double tackles with two hooks, spinner blades and multicoloured beads. Makes it dangerous to be a curious flounder on the flats! Designed to behave perfect with bait. Expect doubles!

  • Superb from boat or piers
  • Red saltwater long shafted #1/0 hooks
  • Main line 0,65mm
  • Leader 0,40mm - 0,65mm
  • Three different design and styles
DKK 39,00 / stk inkl. moms

Hot Red/Yellow #1/0

varenummer KS07015

Mix #1/0

varenummer KS07016

Red/White/Spinner #1/0

varenummer KS07041

Red/Yellow/Spinner #1/0

varenummer KS07039

White Pearl #1/0

varenummer KS07014

White Pearl/Glow #1/0

varenummer KS07040