KineticĀ® Sabiki Rigs Cod & Pollock

Lively curly tails has been a safe all-round boat tackle since the first soft baits entered the sea. Cod and Coalfish will attack them straight, but ling and cusk needs some bait to find them and suck them in. Extremely robust #8/0 holds big pieces of bait, and hooks you dream fish with ease!

  • Perfect curly tail for fishing with bait
  • Strong soft bait in hot colors
  • Cod, ling, cusk and coalfish
  • Strong saltwater #8/0 hooks
  • 0,80 mm and 0,70 mm monofilament line
DKK 39,00 / stk inkl. moms

Red #8/0

varenummer KS07065

Yellow #8/0

varenummer KS07064

Yellow/Red #8/0

varenummer KS07066