Kinetic® Sabiki Rigs Cod & Pollock

Pelagic cod and coalfish are never afraid of big baits! This superb combination of big #8/0 hooks and sandeel imitations will for sure give you the big fish you´re dreaming about! 0,80mm main line and 0,70mm leaders will ensure you catch - in any size!

  • Natural Sandeel imitation
  • Lively tail triggers fish to bite
  • Popular mix of colours
  • Two baits per pack
  • 0,80mm and 0,70mm monofilament line
DKK 39,00 / stk inkl. moms

Black/Glimmer #8/0

varenummer KS07033

Blue/Glimmer #8/0

varenummer KS07034

Yellow/Orange #8/0

varenummer KS07063