KineticĀ® Atomic Braid 250 m

The ultra-thin and super strong Atomic Braid gives you whatever you demand from a braided line. With enhanced braiding tolerance you get superior strength and longer casts. The Hi-Vis Yellow colour is perfect when fishing jerkbait, spin, finesse, sea fishing and other styles when you need to keep a close eye on the line to indicate a strike.

  • Superior knot strength and durability
  • Hi-Vis Yellow - 250 m
  • Tight and strong braiding technology
  • Good all-round line
DKK 249,00 / stk inkl. moms

0,14mm/7,3kg 250m

varenummer KS02030

0,18mm/10,4kg 250m

varenummer KS02031

0,22mm/14,5kg 250m

varenummer KS02032

0,30mm/19kg 250m

varenummer KS02033

0,38mm/23kg 250m

varenummer KS02034