KineticĀ® Super Mono Bulk

This Super Mono made in a Dusty Grey "non spook" colour has low memory for uncompromising knot strength and control without sacrificing tensile strength. Superior strength, toughness and long casts - catch you dreams!

  • Economy pack.
  • Dusty Grey colour: 800m - 1500m
  • Super all-tactical line
  • High surface durability
DKK 99,00 / stk inkl. moms

0,25mm/4,5 kg 1500m

varenummer KS15016

0,30mm/6,1 kg 1500m

varenummer KS15017

0,35mm/8,3 kg 1500m

varenummer KS15018

0,40mm/10,2 kg 1200m

varenummer KS15019

0,50mm/17,3 kg 800m

varenummer KS15020