Kinetic Jighead Screw In

Fishing with softbait is fun but can be a little difficult. Your equipment is either good and practical or just a mess. With this super smart Headbanger Screw In, you´ll get on of the quickest and simplest method to rig any type of softbait lure. Just attach your stinger hooks first - and start screw it in!

  • Super easy softbait head
  • Ready stinger holder
  • Non-lead head
  • Works with big and small softbaits
DKK 29,00 / stk inkl. moms

Zinc 17g / 3pcs

varenummer F604-259-152

Zinc 20g / 3pcs

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Zinc 25g / 3pcs

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Zinc 30g / 2pcs

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Zinc 5g / 4pcs

varenummer F604-259-141

Zinc 7g / 4pcs

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Zinc 10g / 4pcs

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Zinc 12g / 4pcs

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Zinc 15g / 3pcs

varenummer F604-259-149