Kinetic Sabiki Jay Flounder Inline Rig

This great new version of the popular «Plaice leader rig» has a sliding sinker that not only attracts fish – it offers delicate species like flatfish to bite easier. Perfect all-rounder.

  • Wiggling sinker
  • Boat & shore fishing
DKK 49,00 / stk inkl. moms

Black/Red Dots 60g #1

varenummer F177-111-248

Black/Red Dots 90g #1

varenummer F177-111-250

Black/Red Dots 120g #1

varenummer F177-111-252

Glow/Pink Dots 60g #1

varenummer F177-152-248

Glow/Pink Dots 90g #1

varenummer F177-152-250

Glow/Pink Dots 120g #1

varenummer F177-152-252

Yellow/Orange Dots 60g #1

varenummer F177-254-248

Yellow/Orange Dots 90g #1

varenummer F177-254-250

Yellow/Orange Dots 120g #1

varenummer F177-254-252