Kinetic Super Mono

The high-performance Kinetic Super Mono is designed to meet the standards pro anglers demand. Copolymer construction and state-of-the-art extrusion techniques deliver superior fighting power, excellent knot strength, and great handling characteristics – all with extra durability.

  • High-performance mono
  • Copolymer construction
  • Excellent knot strength and durability
DKK 49,00 / stk inkl. moms

0,20mm/3,0kg Clear

varenummer F510-027-095

0,25mm/4,5kg Clear

varenummer F510-031-095

0,30mm/6,1kg Clear

varenummer F510-035-095

0,35mm/8,3kg Clear

varenummer F510-039-095

0,40mm/10,2kg Clear

varenummer F510-043-095

0,45mm/13,7kg Clear

varenummer F510-048-095

0,50mm/17,3kg Clear

varenummer F510-050-095

0,60mm/22,4kg Clear

varenummer F510-052-095