Kinetic 4 Braid 150m

If you're looking for your favorite fishing braid, look no further than Kinetics’ 4-braid. The smooth coating on this fishing line whispers through your rod's guides on the cast. Sensitive enough to feel even the most gentle bites. Super-tough and abrasion-resistant.

  • Casts further and lasts longer
  • Smooth coating silences line going through your guides
  • Super-sensitive and abrasion-resistant
DKK 99,00 / stk inkl. moms

0,08mm/3,3kg Dusty Green

varenummer F503-022-098

0,08mm/3,3kg Fluo Yellow

varenummer F503-022-099

0,14mm/14,8kg Dusty Green

varenummer F503-024-098

0,14mm/14,8kg Fluo Yellow

varenummer F503-024-099

0,16mm/15,6kg Dusty Green

varenummer F503-026-098

0,16mm/15,6kg Fluo Yellow

varenummer F503-026-099

0,20mm/18,0kg Dusty Green

varenummer F503-029-098

0,20mm/18,0kg Fluo Yellow

varenummer F503-029-099

0,25mm/21,0kg Dusty Green

varenummer F503-033-098

0,25mm/21,0kg Fluo Yellow

varenummer F503-033-099

0,30mm/26,5kg Dusty Green

varenummer F503-037-098

0,30mm/26,5kg Fluo Yellow

varenummer F503-037-099

0,35mm/28,3kg Dusty Green

varenummer F503-041-098

0,35mm/28,3kg Fluo Yellow

varenummer F503-041-099