Kinetic Torpedo

Superb pilk for a several species in the sea. The second rubber worm hook triggers many extra bites. Torpedo is as smart as it is simple. You can even put bait on it and boost your catch!

  • Extra rubber worm hook
  • Strong and powerful deep diving pilk
  • Perma Steel hooks with octopus
  • Doesn´t tangle with other lines
DKK 119,00 / stk inkl. moms

Silver 600g

varenummer KS11400

Silver 500g

varenummer KS11300

Silver 400g

varenummer KS11200

Silver 300g

varenummer KS11100

Silver 200g

varenummer KS11000

Yellow/Orange 600g

varenummer KS11401

Yellow/Orange 500g

varenummer KS11301

Yellow/Orange 400g

varenummer KS11201

Yellow/Orange 300g

varenummer KS11101

Yellow/Orange 200g

varenummer KS11001