KineticĀ® Bulk

To offer our clients the most competitive price, we have developed a soft lure bulk concept. We have used the same high-quality rubber as for our R2F, but instead of using painted colours, we have chosen some really nice injected colours. The bulk lures will not be rigged but very competitive in price.

KineticĀ® Toddler Bulk

We just can't get enough soft lures. Toddler is no exception and we just had to add this soft lure to our new line. The size is perfect and the action is stunning. Despite the name it is very easy to fish and it has a smooth action when you retrieve it.

  • Wormy surface
  • Easy to fish
  • Perfect for zander and pike
  • Deadly colours
DKK 10,00 / stk inkl. moms

Spring 15cm/27g/30pcs

varenummer KS17000

Spring 12,5cm/16g/42pcs

varenummer KS17100

Spring 10cm/10g/56pcs

varenummer KS17200

Blossom 15cm/27g/30pcs

varenummer KS17001

Blossom 12,5cm/16g/42pcs

varenummer KS17101

Blossom 10cm/10g/56pcs

varenummer KS17201

Swarthy 15cm/27g/30pcs

varenummer KS17002

Swarthy 12,5cm/16g/42pcs

varenummer KS17102

Swarthy 10cm/10g/56pcs

varenummer KS17202

Slimy Frog 15cm/27g/30pcs

varenummer KS17003

Slimy Frog 12,5cm/16g/42pcs

varenummer KS17103

Slimy Frog 10cm/10g/56pcs

varenummer KS17203

Misty Blue 15cm/27g/30pcs

varenummer KS17004

Misty Blue 12,5cm/16g/42pcs

varenummer KS17104

Misty Blue 10cm/10g/56pcs

varenummer KS17204

Fancy Lemon 15cm/27g/30pcs

varenummer KS17005

Fancy Lemon 12,5cm/16g/42pcs

varenummer KS17105

Fancy Lemon 10cm/10g/56pcs

varenummer KS17205

Midnight 15cm/27g/30pcs

varenummer KS17006

Midnight 12,5cm/16g/42pcs

varenummer KS17106

Midnight 10cm/10g/56pcs

varenummer KS17206

Aurora 15cm/27g/30pcs

varenummer KS17007

Aurora 12,5cm/16g/42pcs

varenummer KS17107

Aurora 10cm/10g/56pcs

varenummer KS17207

Rockstar 15cm/27g/30pcs

varenummer KS17008

Rockstar 12,5cm/16g/42pcs

varenummer KS17108

Rockstar 10cm/10g/56pcs

varenummer KS17208

Motoroil 15cm/27g/30pcs

varenummer KS17009

Motoroil 12,5cm/16g/42pcs

varenummer KS17109

Motoroil 10cm/10g/56pcs

varenummer KS17209