KineticĀ® Slicky Micky

A very easy to fish hard bait. The construction of Slicky Micky makes it glide gracefully through the water with quite large fluctuation even at low speed. Slicky Micky will fish by itself. You can also easily jerk this hard bait, but it is thought to be fished as a traditional swimbait. Great fluctuation even at low speed.

  • Mustad hooks
  • Great colour variety
  • Easy to fish
DKK 79,00 / stk inkl. moms

Muddy Gold 115mm/35g

varenummer KS14301

Muddy Gold 145mm/55g

varenummer KS14401

Arctic Blue 115mm/35g

varenummer KS14302

Arctic Blue 145mm/55g

varenummer KS14402

Green Grass 145mm/55g

varenummer KS14403

Red Tiger 115mm/35g

varenummer KS14304

Red Tiger 145mm/55g

varenummer KS14404