KineticĀ® Silden

Classic Scandinavian design that has passed the test of time. Made with an amazing durable high chrome finish and painted with the five most effective colours for cod, coalfish and others. Extremely strong Perma Steel hooks.

  • Durable high chrome finish
  • Amazing for cod and coalfish
  • Four best colours
  • Strong and corrosion resistant
  • Perma Steel hooks
DKK 129,00 / stk inkl. moms

Red/Black 400g

varenummer KS06404

Red/Black 300g

varenummer KS06304

Red/Black 200g

varenummer KS06204

Red/Black 100g

varenummer KS06104

Silver/Blue 400g

varenummer KS06402

Silver/Blue 300g

varenummer KS06302

Silver/Blue 200g

varenummer KS06202

Silver/Blue 100g

varenummer KS06102

Silver Chromed 400g

varenummer KS06401

Silver Chromed 300g

varenummer KS06301

Silver Chromed 200g

varenummer KS06201

Silver Chromed 100g

varenummer KS06101

Yellow/Orange 400g

varenummer KS06403

Yellow/Orange 300g

varenummer KS06303

Yellow/Orange 200g

varenummer KS06203

Yellow/Orange 100g

varenummer KS06103