KineticĀ® Sildeglimt

Classic lures with the popular herring long cast design. These colours have proven to be some of the best all-round colours for casting and vertical jigging. Catches all species along the coast like cod, coalfish and pollack.

  • Superb all-round lure
  • 18g/26g - fresh water and seatrout
  • 42g/62g - vertical jigging
  • Strong and corrosion resistant Perma Steel hooks
  • High Gloss Epoxy Finish
  • Hook: Perma Steel #2
DKK 49,00 / stk inkl. moms

Holographic Blue/Black 26g

varenummer KS06047

Holographic Blue/Black 18g

varenummer KS06042

Holographic Blue/Black 60g

varenummer KS06057

Holographic Blue/Black 42g

varenummer KS06052

Holographic Green/Black 60g

varenummer KS06056

Holographic Green/Black 42g

varenummer KS06051

Holographic Green/Black 26g

varenummer KS06046

Holographic Green/Black 18g

varenummer KS06041

Holographic Silver 60g

varenummer KS06055

Holographic Silver 42g

varenummer KS06050

Holographic Silver 26g

varenummer KS06045

Holographic Silver 18g

varenummer KS06040

Red/Black/Glow 60g

varenummer KS06058

Red/Black/Glow 42g

varenummer KS06053

Red/Black/Glow 26g

varenummer KS06048

Red/Black/Glow 18g

varenummer KS06043

Yellow/Orange/Glow 60g

varenummer KS06059

Yellow/Orange/Glow 42g

varenummer KS06054

Yellow/Orange/Glow 26g

varenummer KS06049

Yellow/Orange/Glow 18g

varenummer KS06044