KineticĀ® Ready To Fish (R2F)

A small concept for the angler who just want to tie a perfectly swimming soft lure at the end of the line. We have already mounted these soft lures with screw in jig head (zinc), stinger with Mustad hooks and added the most effective colours.

Playmate R2F How on earth do we end up with this name? Playmates are beautiful creatures. They are made to perfection, just like our colour selection. They move gracefully with a swaying and rolling action and they are seductive.

  • Fantastic colours
  • Rolling action
  • Pre-rigged
  • Mustad hooks
DKK 89,00 / stk inkl. moms

Parrot 20cm/62g

varenummer KS15402

Parrot 15cm/30g

varenummer KS15502

Motoroil 20cm/62g

varenummer KS15405

Motoroil 15cm/30g

varenummer KS15505