KineticĀ® Pilken

Pilken is a classic banana shaped pilk that has proven to be one of the most effective pilks for vertical sea fishing. The colors are well-tried and includes two glow version for extra attraction.

  • Extremely effective design
  • Classic well-tried colours
  • Strong Perma steel hooks
  • Superb for cod and coalfish
  • Unique Shape For Better Action
  • Durable High Chrome and Glow Finish
DKK 149,00 / stk inkl. moms

Red/Black/Glow 500g

varenummer KS07603

Red/Black/Glow 400g

varenummer KS07503

Red/Black/Glow 300g

varenummer KS07403

Red/Black/Glow 200g

varenummer KS07303

Red/Black/Glow 150g

varenummer KS07203

Red/Black/Glow 100g

varenummer KS07103

Silver Chromed 500g

varenummer KS07601

Silver Chromed 400g

varenummer KS07501

Silver Chromed 300g

varenummer KS07401

Silver Chromed 200g

varenummer KS07301

Silver Chromed 150g

varenummer KS07201

Silver Chromed 100g

varenummer KS07101

Yellow/Orange/Glow 500g

varenummer KS07602

Yellow/Orange/Glow 400g

varenummer KS07502

Yellow/Orange/Glow 300g

varenummer KS07402

Yellow/Orange/Glow 200g

varenummer KS07302

Yellow/Orange/Glow 150g

varenummer KS07202

Yellow/Orange/Glow 100g

varenummer KS07102