Kinetic Missile

When fishing vertical, you want to get down quick and without touching other lines in the boat. The Missile goes straight down and faster than any other non-lead pilks. Strong Perma Steel hooks ensure even the biggest catch.

  • Designed to go deep - fast!
  • Doesn´t tangle with other lines
  • Perma Steel hooks with red tube
  • Classic or hot colour
DKK 109,00 / stk inkl. moms

Silver 600g

varenummer KS10600

Silver 500g

varenummer KS10500

Silver 400g

varenummer KS10400

Silver 300g

varenummer KS10300

Silver 200g

varenummer KS10200

Yellow/Orange 600g

varenummer KS10601

Yellow/Orange 500g

varenummer KS10501

Yellow/Orange 400g

varenummer KS10401

Yellow/Orange 300g

varenummer KS10301

Yellow/Orange 200g

varenummer KS10201