Kinetic® Magic Herring

Magic Herring is a great allround lure! With this large series of lures, your practically ready to fish all kinds of lure attacking species! With superb quality and holographic colours, you´ll get lures from 25g up to pilks at 300g. 2 or 3-packs.

  • Extremely durable and long casting lures
  • Fast diving and effective pilks
  • Well proven colour combinations
  • Red, strong and sharp hooks
  • Suitable for a variety of species
  • Perfect gift for any angler
DKK 159,00 / stk inkl. moms

100g 2pcs

varenummer KS04323

200g 2pcs

varenummer KS04324

25g 3pcs

varenummer KS04320

300g 2pcs

varenummer KS04325

40g 3pcs

varenummer KS04321

60g 3pcs

varenummer KS04322