Kinetic Slicky Micky

Easy to cast and easy to fish. Just fish Slicky Micky in a steady retrieve – the lure have an outstanding swimming action by itself. This is also a great lure to rip, twitch, pull, or jerk ... just remember to pause in any combination.

  • Pike
  • Floating
DKK 69,00 / stk inkl. moms

Shiner 55g

varenummer E156-013-159

Shiner 35g

varenummer E156-013-133

Red Tiger 55g

varenummer E156-017-159

Red Tiger 35g

varenummer E156-017-133

Fire Tiger 55g

varenummer E156-018-159

Fire Tiger 35g

varenummer E156-018-133

Muddy Tiger 55g

varenummer E156-307-159

Muddy Tiger 35g

varenummer E156-307-133

Silver Tiger 55g

varenummer E156-308-159

Silver Tiger 35g

varenummer E156-308-133

Sneaky Pike 55g

varenummer E156-309-159

Sneaky Pike 35g

varenummer E156-309-133