Kinetic Spoony

The Spoony has an erratic action that mimics a fleeing baitfish – delivers underwater vibrations and attention-grabbing flashes. The small holes creates subtle vibrations, enticing fish to strike. Works great for big predators like pike and salmon.

  • Pike and salmon
  • Lake and river
DKK 39,00 / stk inkl. moms

Fire Tiger 25g

varenummer E112-018-126

Fire Tiger 35g

varenummer E112-018-133

Silver 25g

varenummer E112-045-126

Silver 35g

varenummer E112-045-133

Blue/Silver 25g

varenummer E112-122-126

Blue/Silver 35g

varenummer E112-122-133

Copper 25g

varenummer E112-264-126

Copper 35g

varenummer E112-264-133

Perch 25g

varenummer E112-373-126

Perch 35g

varenummer E112-373-133