Kinetic Samba Slim

Slimmer than the original Samba but equally magical for seatrout. It can be retrieved fast or slow. The action is not so vivid as Samba but in return you can cast to the horizon – in search of the best fish.

  • Seatrout and salmon
  • Coast, lake and river
DKK 49,00 / stk inkl. moms

Black/Glitter 20g

varenummer E119-110-121

Blue/Silver 20g

varenummer E119-122-121

Orange/Yellow 20g

varenummer E119-181-121

Nose Powder 20g

varenummer E119-271-121

Black/Brown/Pearl 20g

varenummer E119-290-121

Black/Silver 20g

varenummer E119-295-121

Black/Green/Orange 20g

varenummer E119-296-121