Kinetic Samba

The magic Samba is a "must have" for any serious seatrout angler. Samba is a lure designed according to Scandinavian lure traditions. It can be retrieved fast or slow. Regardless of the speed Samba has a very vivid action that will trigger the bite.

  • Seatrout and salmon
  • Coast, lake and river
DKK 49,00 / stk inkl. moms

Black/Glitter 22g

varenummer E118-110-123

Blue/Silver 22g

varenummer E118-122-123

Orange/Yellow 22g

varenummer E118-181-123

Nose Powder 22g

varenummer E118-271-123

Black/Brown/Pearl 22g

varenummer E118-290-123

Black/Silver 22g

varenummer E118-295-123

Black/Green/Orange 22g

varenummer E118-296-123