Kinetic Tobias Inline

In the water Tobias is a great imitation of a sandeel – perhaps the most important prey for big seatrouts hunting in shallow water. With its aerodynamic shape it will cast far and has a great irregular action that will attract fish from far away.

  • Seatrout
  • Inline concept - lose less fish!
DKK 59,00 / stk inkl. moms

Porky Pinky 25g

varenummer E117-411-126

Porky Pinky 18g

varenummer E117-411-120

Indigo 25g

varenummer E117-412-126

Indigo 18g

varenummer E117-412-120

Yellow Belly Racer 25g

varenummer E117-413-126

Yellow Belly Racer 18g

varenummer E117-413-120

Tobis 25g

varenummer E117-414-126

Tobis 18g

varenummer E117-414-120

Cape Cobra 25g

varenummer E117-415-126

Cape Cobra 18g

varenummer E117-415-120

Yankie Bar 25g

varenummer E117-416-126

Yankie Bar 18g

varenummer E117-416-120