KineticĀ® Amber Boat Combo - 2pcs

For the Vikings, Amber was regarded as a high-end commodity. The amber colour was a part of the inspiration for this magnificent 2 pcs rod. The slim blank and the strong action gives you a feeling of total control during the fight. We have matched this rod with a really well-developed reel, with almost no tolerance and a really smooth-running system, power knob, aluminium rim, level wind and 1+1 ball bearing. The size of the reel is well adjusted to the rod to create the perfect balance.

  • Modern combo
  • Strong and durable reel
  • Power knob
  • Aluminium rim
DKK 1.499,00 / stk inkl. moms

7' 20-30lbs 30 1+1 BB

varenummer KS02120

7' 30-50lbs 30 1+1 BB

varenummer KS02121