Kinetic® DevilFish Boat Combo - 2pcs

The DevilFish boat 6' combo is a great all-round combination for all fishermen! It offers great value for the money and operates pilks up to 400g with ease. The 2 piece rod is made of strong glass fiber and the popular and trusted 30 size reel, has the perfect drag and handle for all-round fishing. The combo is pre-spooled with 0,55mm monofilament line and won´t let you down when the big fish bites!

  • Great all-round combo
  • Pre-spooled with monofilament line
  • 2 section rod
  • Heavy trolling and vertical fishing
DKK 799,00 / stk inkl. moms

6' 20-30lbs / Up to 400g 30 1+1BB 0,50mm

varenummer KS02800