Kinetic HellCat CL

If you're looking for a dependable rod and reel to get the job done every day, check out our affordable Kinetic Hellcat CL spinning combo. It's built for performance, first and foremost. The Hellcat spinning reel is built on a graphite frame for strength and durability you can count on. It sports a aluminum spool that can stand up to tough daily use for the long term. Comes with 4-braid on the spool. The Hellcat CL spinning rods offer an ideal combination of weight, sensitivity and performance. Split-grip cork handle provide a nonslip hold in wet conditions and the screw-dorwn reel seat maximize control and sensitivity. Lightweight single foot guides. Great value for money!


  • 2-piece premium graphite blank
  • Lightweight single foot guides
  • Split-grip cork handle
  • Screw-down reel seat


  • Graphite frame and sideplates
  • Highly durable gear system
  • Aluminum spool
  • Pre-spooled with 4-braid
DKK 599,00 / stk inkl. moms

6' M 8-30g 2sec 2000-FD

varenummer C110-007-022

7' ML 5-24g 2sec 2000-FD

varenummer C110-017-022

7' M 8-30g 2sec 3000-FD

varenummer C110-020-023

8' ML 5-24g 2sec 2000-FD

varenummer C110-028-022

8' MH 12-40g 2sec 3000-FD

varenummer C110-032-023

9' M 8-30g 2sec 3000-FD

varenummer C110-043-023

9' XH 20-60g 2sec 4000-FD

varenummer C110-048-024