KineticĀ® Enforcer Spin

Lightweight and stylish spin rods from Kinetic. Enforcer offers tremendous freedom to choose the right rod for your fishing style. With ten rods starting with a light 6" perch rod to the powerful salmon and pike rod at 10 feet. All rods have top quality components in real seat, guides and the blank.

  • 10 rods to fulfill your needs
  • Beautiful design
  • High quality component
  • 2 pieced
  • Fits all modern reels and lines
DKK 699,00 / stk inkl. moms

10' Up to 40g

varenummer KS14108

10' Up to 60g

varenummer KS14109

6' Up to 20g

varenummer KS14100

7' Up to 20g

varenummer KS14101

7' Up to 40g

varenummer KS14102

8' Up to 20g

varenummer KS14103

8' Up to 40g

varenummer KS14104

9' Up to 20g

varenummer KS14105

9' Up to 40g

varenummer KS14106

9' Up to 60g

varenummer KS14107