Kinetic Equalizer CF

Incredibly tough and extraordinarily sensitive, the Equalizer rod series is a versatile, everyday workhorse you can use in most any freshwater-fishing environment. Full cork grip provides a nonslip hold in wet conditions and the cork midbody reel seat maximize control. Packable 4-piece graphite blank.

  • 4-piece premium CF graphite blank
  • Ergonomic reel seat
  • Lightweight single foot guides
DKK 649,00 / stk inkl. moms

8' 4sec H 15-50g

varenummer A110-0804-H

8' 4sec M 8-30g

varenummer A110-0804-M

8' 4sec ML 5-24g

varenummer A110-0804-ML

9' 4sec M 8-30g

varenummer A110-0904-M

9' 4sec MH 12-40g

varenummer A110-0904-MH

9' 4sec XH 20-60g

varenummer A110-0904-XH

10' 4sec MH 12-40g

varenummer A110-1004-MH

10' 4sec XH 20-60g

varenummer A110-1004-XH

11' 4sec XH 20-60g

varenummer A110-1104-XH