Kinetic Defeater CT

A super-versatile, well-balanced ultra-light spinning rod like Defeader CT is as good as gold. Precision-crafted CT graphite blanks are formulated to be strong and dependable. Exclusive, lightweight split reel seat and EVA grips provide a nonslip hold and enhance control and sensitivity. Lightweight single foot guides.

  • 2-piece premium CT graphite blank
  • Exclusive split reel seat
  • Lightweight single foot guides
  • Designed for UL-fishing
DKK 499,00 / stk inkl. moms

5' 2sec UL 2-10g

varenummer A140-0502-UL

6' 2sec XL 3-15g

varenummer A140-0602-XL

7' 2sec L 4-21g

varenummer A140-0702-L

8' 2sec L 4-21g

varenummer A140-0802-L

9' 2sec ML 5-24g

varenummer A140-0902-ML

9' 2sec XL 3-15g

varenummer A140-0902-XL

10' 2sec ML 5-24g

varenummer A140-1002-ML