Kinetic PowerCore CC

The Powercore CC is versatile, constructed to last, and economically priced. The 2-piece fiberglass blank has all the power needed for hauling in big, hard-fighting saltwater fish. 3-legged low-profile guides hold up to hard work and resist corrosion. EVA grips and rubber cross gimbal for a comfortable grip and secure hold.

  • 2-piece CC fiberglass blank
  • 3-legged corrosion-resistant guides
  • Comfortable EVA grips
  • Rubber cross gimbal
DKK 299,00 / stk inkl. moms

6'6" 2sec P12 40-80lbs / 300-1000g

varenummer A180-6602-P12

6'6" 2sec P8 20-30lbs / 100-400g

varenummer A180-6602-P8

6'6" 2sec P10 30-50lbs / 200-600g

varenummer A180-6602-P10