KineticĀ® Bulk

To offer our clients the most competitive price, we have developed a soft lure bulk concept. We have used the same high-quality rubber as for our R2F, but instead of using painted colours, we have chosen some really nice injected colours. The bulk lures will not be rigged but very competitive in price.

KineticĀ® Seductor Bulk

This soft lure is very seductive and will fool most pikes and zanders. Great tail action. It can be fished in a lot of weed if fished with a weed guard hook. Rig it with screw in jig head and a stinger or just a normal jig head. No matter the rigging, you are in for a lot of fun with this fantastic soft lure. Try it out for the summer cod fishing.

  • Can be fish with weed guard hook
  • Fantastic tail action
  • Try if for light salt water fishing
  • Deadly colours
DKK 899,00 / stk inkl. moms

Spring 15cm/28g/30pcs

varenummer KS16900

Spring 17,5cm/40g/20pcs

varenummer KS16800

Spring 20cm/55g/16pcs

varenummer KS16700

Blossom 15cm/28g/30pcs

varenummer KS16901

Blossom 17,5cm/40g/20pcs

varenummer KS16801

Blossom 20cm/55g/16pcs

varenummer KS16701

Swarthy 15cm/28g/30pcs

varenummer KS16902

Swarthy 17,5cm/40g/20pcs

varenummer KS16802

Swarthy 20cm/55g/16pcs

varenummer KS16702

Slimy Frog 15cm/28g/30pcs

varenummer KS16903

Slimy Frog 17,5cm/40g/20pcs

varenummer KS16803

Slimy Frog 20cm/55g/16pcs

varenummer KS16703

Misty Blue 15cm/28g/30pcs

varenummer KS16904

Misty Blue 17,5cm/40g/20pcs

varenummer KS16804

Misty Blue 20cm/55g/16pcs

varenummer KS16704

Fancy Lemon 15cm/28g/30pcs

varenummer KS16905

Fancy Lemon 17,5cm/40g/20pcs

varenummer KS16805

Fancy Lemon 20cm/55g/16pcs

varenummer KS16705

Midnight 15cm/28g/30pcs

varenummer KS16906

Midnight 17,5cm/40g/20pcs

varenummer KS16806

Midnight 20cm/55g/16pcs

varenummer KS16706

Aurora 15cm/28g/30pcs

varenummer KS16907

Aurora 17,5cm/40g/20pcs

varenummer KS16807

Aurora 20cm/55g/16pcs

varenummer KS16707

Rockstar 15cm/28g/30pcs

varenummer KS16908

Rockstar 17,5cm/40g/20pcs

varenummer KS16808

Rockstar 20cm/55g/16pcs

varenummer KS16708

Motoroil 15cm/28g/30pcs

varenummer KS16909

Motoroil 17,5cm/40g/20pcs

varenummer KS16809

Motoroil 20cm/55g/16pcs

varenummer KS16709