KineticĀ® Headbanger Light

With our Headbanger Light non-lead jig heads series, you are shure you get a good hook and a quality head for your fishing. Multiple uses with softbait or natural bait. Weights from 5g to 15g on #2/0 to #4/0 hooks.

  • Superb quality and design
  • Both softbait and live bait
  • Non-Lead Head
  • Great for a variety of species
  • 2-pack
DKK 25,00 / stk inkl. moms

5g #2/0

varenummer KS08110

7,5g #3/0

varenummer KS08111

10g #3/0

varenummer KS08112

15g #4/0

varenummer KS08113