KineticĀ® Thor Nylon Waders

An inexpensive wader for fishing, hunting, boating or just for working ? This wader will do the job. The nylon is very durable and can sustain abrasion and hard wearing. The boots are made from PVC and has an outsole with a good traction. If you are looking for value for money, this is a good choice.

DKK 499,00 / stk inkl. moms

Dark Green 37

varenummer WA10170

Dark Green 38

varenummer WA10171

Dark Green 39

varenummer WA10172

Dark Green 40

varenummer WA10173

Dark Green 41

varenummer WA10174

Dark Green 42

varenummer WA10175

Dark Green 43

varenummer WA10176

Dark Green 44

varenummer WA10177

Dark Green 45

varenummer WA10178

Dark Green 46

varenummer WA10179

Dark Green 47

varenummer WA10180