KineticĀ® RockHopper Wading Boot

Give yourself the pleasure of protective and safe wading. KineticĀ® RockHopper is a wading boot with a very trustworthy traction. The sole is made of rubber. The toe area is well protected behind a thick rubber cap. The sidewalls are well protected. These boots will offer you great support during you wading on river beds and gravel areas. KineticĀ® RockHopper is a perfect companion for our great line of breathable waders.

  • Cleated sole
DKK 1.099,00 / stk inkl. moms

Grey/Black 38-39

varenummer WS02720

Grey/Black 40-41

varenummer WS02721

Grey/Black 42-43

varenummer WS02722

Grey/Black 44-45

varenummer WS02723

Grey/Black 46-47

varenummer WS02724