KineticĀ® Sabiki Advance Flatfish

Our most advanced rig made by experts for the expert flatfish angler. These rigs might look simple compared to other fancy rigs, but they are deadly for all species of flounders. Top quality components are used for these rigs.

  • Made by experts for experts
  • Top quality parts
  • Quality nylon
  • 3 different rigs
DKK 39,00 / stk inkl. moms

Sabiki Advance Flatfish Rig 1 1,1m/0,60mm/0,40mm #1/0

varenummer KS22520

Sabiki Advance Flatfish Rig 2 1,1m/0,60mm/0,40mm #1/0

varenummer KS22521

Sabiki Advance Flatfish Rig 3 70cm/0,60mm/0,40mm #1/0

varenummer KS22522