KineticĀ® Depth Diver

You can never get down to fast! With this in mind, we created this simple yet marvelous lure using some of the hottest and attractive colours! Comes in five sizes from 100g to 400g.

  • Less is more!
  • Good for searching pelagic cod and coalfish
  • Strong and corrosive resistant treble hook
  • Great all-round lure
DKK 65,00 / stk inkl. moms

Green/Yellow 100g

varenummer KS11503

Green/Yellow 150g

varenummer KS11603

Green/Yellow 200g

varenummer KS11703

Green/Yellow 300g

varenummer KS11803

Green/Yellow 400g

varenummer KS11903

Red/Yellow 100g

varenummer KS11502

Red/Yellow 150g

varenummer KS11602

Red/Yellow 200g

varenummer KS11702

Red/Yellow 300g

varenummer KS11802

Red/Yellow 400g

varenummer KS11902

Silver 100g

varenummer KS11500

Silver 150g

varenummer KS11600

Silver 200g

varenummer KS11700

Silver 300g

varenummer KS11800

Silver 400g

varenummer KS11900

White/Red 100g

varenummer KS11504

White/Red 150g

varenummer KS11604

White/Red 200g

varenummer KS11704

White/Red 300g

varenummer KS11804

White/Red 400g

varenummer KS11904